Beginner's course A : Triangl Accessory case

Duration: 30 minutes -
Target age: 5 years old ~
Price: 2,500 yen (tax included)
Participants: * 4+

You touch the leather and use the same tools as craftsmen.
Experience time is set to about 30 minutes so that from the adults to the small children can experience easily.
We talk about the leather kind,too.
You can select original parts of leather accessories by choosing over 120 kinds of favorite parts.

Intermediate Course B : Coin Case

Duration: 30 minutes -
Target age: elementary school high school year ~
Price: 3,000 yen (tax included)
Participants: 2 or more people

It is a practical coin purse.
It is easy to put in and out coins.
It is a popular design for a wide range of age groups.
The original coin case you made is pleased.
Please make a special present for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Souvenirs.

Advanced Course C : Pass Case

Duration: 50 minutes -
Target age: elementary school high school year ~
Price: 3,500 yen (tax included)

It is a card holder.
It is convenient as money and cards can be put in.
Let's attach leather parts to your favorite places such as front side, back side.
you can manufacture it considering the original design.


□ This is an image of the manufacturing process for the card holder.
* Please contact us to order the kit.


  • 1, Application

    □ Participation date and time :
    □ Number of participants :
    □ Age :
    □ Sex :
    □ Cellphone number :
    □ Course Name :

    Please send a participation application by e-mail by one week before the date. When canceling, please make a contact by e-mail by three days before. When canceling on the day, the cancellation charge for 50% will occur. Please accept it beforehand.

  • 2, Workshop time

    □ 11:00 ~
    □ 13:00 ~

    We hold a workshop twice a day.
    You can participate up to at most 12 people for 1 class.

    We will also accept groups such as tourist tours,circle group event, school trip excursion, school workshop experience class and so on.

    Please apply at any time of your choice.
    Please visit our atelier 10 minutes before the start.

  • 3, Contents

    There are courses of A, B, C
    Please check the number of participants as it depends on the course.

    The leather base material and material of decoration parts will be different each time.
    The product in photographic image is a model.
    Please accept beforehand.

    You can choose from all kinds of leather parts, animal type, flower type, star type and more than 120 parts made from various materials like crocodile, lizard, ostrich, python , cow leather, pig skin, etc.

    Up to 3 parts are included in the price.

    When choosing more than 3 of parts, additional fee will be charged separately.

    There is package service with original message card.
    We recommend it to a present or a souvenir for an important person.