SAKURA pursues a new “spirit of craftspersonship” with artisan skills backed by the tradition and perfect design for our modern values and lifestyles. Our hope is to energize our everyday life and contribute to a delightful future by introducing Japan’s pride from Sumida area. We have our original brand, SAKURA WAQS, which seeks the potential of leather in fashion goods, interior goods and stationery using processing skills of artisans. You may have to wait for a while until product delivery as we make each product by hand, but we are sure that you will realize the value of the time you wait when our product is delivered to you.


We "Sakura" keeps sincere correspondence in mind with a flexible idea in all sincerity. the original design by the customer's request, processing and completion by leather processing meister Please inquire consultation about production of a leather attachment from contact. If you tell us what you want to produce, the time to sell and the number of lots, it’ll become smooth.


SAKURA WAQS holds workshops regularly. You can make your own item using a combination of colorful leather materials. Our workshops can be enjoyed across a wide age range from children to adults. ※Items to be made are different in each workshop.